Thursday, June 18, 2009

Social Media: Twitter

twitter: rhcerffTired of spammers? Tired of the get rich schemes? Well it seems that these tactics continue to work, after all, if they didn't they would stop doing it right?

I found this on twitter SEOSumo: Social Media Douchebag.

It begs the question though, just how many people are out there pushing their secret to success on the numerous social platforms? How often are we hit with the twitter follower that is just a pretty girl (thanks Zaibatsu) punting their get 2,516 twitter followers in just 2 days tweet and nothing else? The whole debate on whether to use the long sales letter or even video. Don't we all just hate that automated direct messages?

I guess it's nice to find something with a little bit of humor on a Friday morning. Oh well... in the meantime I think I'll just refer these folk to

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