Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Google Are Hiring

Google AdIt would seem that Google are once again hiring and looking for the brightest and talented individuals to join their company. While they claim to be the greatest company to work for, I'll reserve judgment for when I have the chance...

So according to the Ads placed at M.I.T, the image posted contains a phone number to call. If you can crack it... let me know ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No, Your Website Should Not Be Number One!

How many times have you been asked why a website is not at, "number one in Google?" Only to have a look at it and very quickly realise that the site has some very simple yet huge flaws. I guess the easiest answer to this one is, "while your product may be the best (or at least you think it is), if you don't explain this to Google (I'll include the other engines too) it'll never know."

If the site is made up entirely of flash (and no it's still not being indexed properly), even if it is beautiful, you'll not be found. If the search engines aren't able to find the individual pages... you'll not be found. If you think you've been clever and copied a competitor - because they're number one... you'll not be found, ever!

Ah, so this brings me to the next question how do I get to number one in Google? My stock standard answer to this one is, "If I knew that answer Google would pay me an awful lot to say nothing!"

But the reality is the answer is much longer. We do know how to get to the top of Google. It's the sum of several factors and then some. But while some still punt the magic bullet that is search engine submissions and guaranteed number one spots the rest of us will just have to keep on telling folk that their site simply doesn't deserve to be number one in Google.

But... I'll can certainly show you how you can get a lot closer.