Monday, May 13, 2013

Property Management Company

Well it has been some time since my last post and we've launched a few new websites.  We've recently redeveloped our product to enable a custom theming of the home page, this has allowed a lot more room for unique or specific design.


One of our more recent launches was for ANGOR a property management company based in Gauteng.  While not many individual listings can be found on their website at this time, they are a fairly large player in their industry with over 300 separate Body Corporate trust accounts under their management.

To read more about this company and their offering, check out our blog post on them.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Commercial Property Portal

Founded in 2013 with the vision of creating a more efficient commercial and industrial property market Commercial 365 was conceptualised. By combining our in-depth knowledge of the property industry with our extensive experience in software development and internet marketing we aim to be South Africa's no. 1 commercial and industrial property search destination for commercial sales and letting.

Umhlanga Commercial Property

Commercial Prop is a unique commercial/industrial property portal.  Currently covering the Durban North areas, under pricipal Carol Reynolds.

Covering all aspects of commercial letting and commercial sales, Commercial Prop will drive clients to you!

Visit Commerical Prop today for any commercial property related service you may require.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Westside Office Park

"Westside Office Park" is the brand name given to the exciting new offices which are currently being developed within the well established Westway Office precinct in Westville. As a leading property company, J.T. Ross is proud to have the opportunity to develop the new Westside Office Park, and in so doing add to the corporate surroundings which make Westway an office destination of choice.

The new office development is expected to continue in phases over the better part of 2012/2013, providing an additional 18,000 square meters of office space surrounding an indigenous landscaped park. Dimension Data will be the first tenant to move into their new corporate offices in December 2012.

Here's to further development in the coming months for Westville and surrounding areas.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Intaba Ridge

Developed by Sign Power Investments through Brendan Falkson and John Dovey, Intaba Ridge is a unique residential game estate situated on the doorstep of Pietermaritzburg, the capital of Kwazulu-Natal.

After taking over the initial concept from Venture Partners (the initial developers) the current developers realized that the development could be significantly improved by a second phase. This would be to both the developer's and the home owner's benefit.

Situated in the Upper Mpushini Conservancy, Intaba Ridge is a privately developed game estate on Maritzburg's doorstep. Intaba Ridge has been developed with the vision of creating something special.

I certainly wouldn't mind a spot of game viewing or fly-fishing in my own backyard, that's for certain.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting Online - Free

Well well well... wonders never cease, so here goes. Google have now offered free websites to those in South Africa under the Wozaonline domain.

For those that don't know, Woza is a local term that means essentiall "come", so it's an invite for business to get online. For gratis! Oh, that's for free.

So... obviously I had to try and jump on the band wagon and include mine. I've claimed to be The Google Whisperer so we'll see how that goes down over time. I've oficially opened it to public, but there's little content on there as of yet.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Did Google Steal My Soul?

I came across this interesting write up on Site Reference and figured I would share it.

I wasn't looking for Google... but Google was looking for me.

Google seemed very austere. No flashing banners, no blinking buttons, no prettiness at all in fact, but very COOL non-the-less. Less is more. Clothed in simple green and blue, I liked Google right away.

Google said that I could search all of the world's information that was currently online. Google said that one day, in the near future, the sum of all human experience, the totality of all knowledge would be safely stored, managed and maintained by Google.

Wow! I said. What do you want in return? Nothing said Google. Google love is yours for FREE.

Later Google said to me that I could use a new 'threaded' email system that would give me 2Gb of web memory space so that I need never ever delete another email. All of my emails could be kept for the record, on the record forever.

Wow! I said. What do you want in return? Nothing said Google. Google love is yours for FREE.

Still later Google said to me that I was so cherished that I could have a calendar in which I could input all of my appointments and tasks and all of my contacts of friends, family and associates. I could access this information from any computer, anywhere in the world at any time.

Wow! I said. What do you want in return? Nothing said Google. Google love is yours for FREE.

Soon Google gave me Docs for me to write, analyse, plan and present with complete ease and accessible by anyone whom I authorised. My friend and I could collaborate and work on the same document together even if he was in Tokyo and I am in London.

Wow! I said. What do you want in return? Nothing said Google. Google love is yours for FREE.

Google encouraged me to use Chrome as my browser of choice as all other browsers are... so steam-aged. Google convinced me that I needed speed in my browsing experience. This is the fastest loading browser on God's Green Earth they said. I hate Redmond so I was cool with that.

Wow! I said. What do you want in return? Nothing said Google. Google love is yours for FREE.

Over the years Google has given me Alerts, Books, Blogger, Checkout, Custom Search, Desktop, Earth, Finance, iGoogle, Images, Maps, News, Product Search, Scholar, Toolbar, YouTube and also Groups, Picassa, Reader, Sites, SketchUp, Translate and more...

Wow! I said. What do you want in return? Nothing said Google. Google love is yours for FREE.

Google just kept on giving and giving and giving...

Over the years Google and I have become very close, so close that Google now knows more about me than I probably do myself.

Who I am, who my friends and family are: Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Checkout, Streetview. Google has a record of all of my personal information including banking and financial affairs. My calendar holds up to date contact information on all of my family, friends and business associates. It knows where they all live and what their houses and streets look like.

My financial affairs: AdSense, AdWords, Checkout, Streetview. Google knows where I work, what I do and how much money I make, where that money comes from and why. Google knows where I work, from which office and what it looks like.

Where I am, what time, with whom, for how long: Calendar, Latitude, Maps, Gmail, Earth, Search. Google knows where I am from my calendar but also from the computer I am using it can tell which city I'm in, how I got there, which websites I visit, how long I stayed there and which language I read in.

What I read and talk about: Google News, Gmail, Blogger, Search, GTalk, Voice. Google knows what type of news I am interested in. It knows what subjects I read about. It knows and has back ups of every single email that I have sent or was sent to me and by whom at what time and what the content was. These are packaged in 'conversations' so are all related to each other.

What my interests are: Search, Blogger, Voice, Picassa, Gmail, Chrome, Docs, Checkout. Google tracks every search I make and which links I click to and for how long. Google knows my shopping habits, what I buy, where they are delivered to and how much it cost. It deduces my spending budget and financial thresholds.

What I watch and when I watch: YouTube, Search, Chrome. Google notes what I look at on YouTube and how many similar videos I watch. It can deduce from this what kind of TV and movie shows I would be interested in and when they should be promoted to me. Every search is logged and recorded.

Cross-referenced and cross-correlated Google can infer from this arsenal of digital information my complete make-up as a person and a Google user.

The listing above is not exhaustive and I'm sure you can point out other areas of Google dominance. Hint: Google Health, Google Mobile, Google Wave, Chrome OS... get my drift?

You might think that, knowing all of the above as I do, I am against Google but you'd be wrong. Apart from the China censorship scandal, I actually believe that, on balance, Google is a worthy entity and on the whole makes life easier for most. Right now, it is a benevolent power.

I'll panic when the Google board members consider changing the name to SkyNet.

Okay, so call me paranoid but I still don't believe that Google is all that "not being evil". I honestly believe that they know too much and am a little concerned with what they may do with that info - not so much on a personal level but as a whole.

Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean that they're not all coming for me!