Monday, June 22, 2009

Online Publications

Online Journalism - click for enlarged versionWhile advertising was always the bread and butter for the newspapers, it would seem that these bells and whistles are now the focus of online publications. The accompanying diagram best outlines this. Perhaps newspapers aren't dying as many seem to be pointing out, perhaps they are literally selling their existence. I know that far too many pages these days are nothing more than ads. The recent upgrade of News24 has gone a long way to reinforce this thought.

What ever happened to the "sponsored by" with a logo? Too many banners have caused banner blindness. What is an optimal click through rate on these banner ads? You have to stop and wonder. With fewer click throughs the advertiser is paying more and more for a lesser result. I wonder if any of these publications would ever (could ever) move over to a cost per click model. This would surely offer best value, or would it go to prove that their over stock of ads simply don't work - in this case for the publisher?

I say put the shoe on the other foot.


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