Monday, April 20, 2009

Jeeves Returns

Well at least to Ask in the UK. Okay, so I wasn't ever the biggest fan of the butler, mostly because I thought it was a poor way to promote a search engine. From a marketing perspective, why ask Jeeves if you could simply "Ask it!" Doesn't it make more sense to "ask it" rather than "google it"? Well it would have a good few years back.

Well I guess that's why Ask never got me to do their marketing. Here in South Africa half the searching public don't even know that there ever was a Jeeves, for others Google is the internet (much like that blue icon is the internet). While still no fan of the Jeeves concept I have to admit it's a blast from the past to see an "old friend."

Will Jeeves make a real return? I don't know, but I'd doubt it right now. While he might work for the British public, I don't see him making full time return to the US, or even the rest of the world for that matter. Jeeves was retired for a good few reasons, I don't know what has changed since then and now. But then again, perhaps the public really are wanting to put a real face to search? Would newer users prefer to have a familiar face to credit their answers?


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