Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Content is Dead... Long live Content!!

Well the saying has all but been worn out now - Content is King! Okay, so there I've said it. But, it remains as true today as ever... if not more so (yes, you can have truer statements).

While previously the actual content had to be very keyword focused this is not quite the case any more. Sure the content needs to be good, but no longer do you have to focus on keyword density, stuffing your page until it read like a badly translated DIY instruction document.

SEO is Rocket Science hits on the fact contextual links are the best. We already knew that (well, we did, didn't we?), proving that while links are important it's the context or the content that surrounds them that is really important.

Some may argue that links are the most important ranking feature. Others the content of a website. I would say that they are as reliant on each other as they are important. Good quality content will generate links and links to useless content won't guarantee rankings.


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