Monday, July 6, 2009

What's in a Name?

So much of SEO is about targeting the right keywords. This holds true for any form of marketing be it online or offline.

Russia's Gazprom and Nigeria's state-operated NNPC formed the company - pronounced "nye-gaz"

Then I came across an Epic FAIL. What happens when you mix Russian and Nigerian companies to supply Europe with gas? Nigerian Gas? Nope. Lets all welcome in Nigaz. Does nobody do homework? Did the Nigerian folk approve of that? Doesn't Russia have a single person with some American slang? Perhaps they should bring back the KGB? At least they would have avoided this one.

Well... I think we've all heard the old saying, "there's no such thing as bad publicity." But I think in this case we'll find an exception. While negative publicity has built brands like Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson it all but ended Michael Jackson (yes all you hating hypocrites who are now his fans once again!). Sometimes you want to be seen as corporate, business like, simple. I think Nigaz were trying for that but failed miserably.

Well there's not that much online for Nigaz at this time. Although most references are negative and on news sites at this time. This leads to so many other questions about Reputation management (but that's a whole series of posts).

The lesson in this one? Research is key, know your market. Always make sure that the keywords you are chasing are going to draw positive traffic.


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